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BC TSD Rally Championship Events
Navigational Rallying has been practiced in Canada since the early 1950's, and tests both driver and navigator. Instead of running flat-out, as in a performance rally, navigational events use the Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) formula. In a TSD section, a particular average speed is listed and the teams must drive as close as possible to that speed. Checkpoints are placed at unknown locations in the TSD section and teams are penalized for passing them early or late. Average speeds are always within posted speed limits, and the road is not closed to the public, so teams must obey all traffic laws. The route usually follows roads that are similar to those used in performance rallies: narrow winding forestry roads, ranch roads and other less-traveled roads. Route finding is generally not difficult, but the navigator has a lot of work to do to keep the driver on time.
BC events organized by WCRA and IRC include
Thunderbird Rally Heart of Darkness Rally Totem Rally
Thunderbird has been the premier winter driver's rally in B.C. since its inception in 1957. Competitors come from all over Canada and the US. A spring night event to test a teams endurance and abilities. Starts and ends in the Fraser Valley, but travels into the Interior of BC. Challenging two day event starting and ending in the interior of BC. Uses many famous stage rally roads as part of it's route. Can be a tough fall event with a good chance of finding snow. Part of the PCC.
Former BC TSD Events
Gold Digger Rally 1997-2009 Midnight Rally Last run in 2005 Coast to Coast Rally then Crestline
Traditionally a night summer rally that travels north from Squamish/Whistler area. Lot's of great scenery, fast pace. Also a night event hosted by the Island Rallysport Club. Usually starts and ends in Nanaimo and travels the wild west coast logging roads. Annual 2 day event summer rally using the back roads on Vancouver Island. Organized by the Island Rallysport Club. Also part of the Pacific Coast Challenge Series. In 2008 the Island club moved this event to the Interior and called it Crestline.
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