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BC Region Stage Rallies
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CARS Stage Events 

The BC Region also conducts Stage Rallies (often also called "Performance Rallies" or "PRO Rally" in the US).

Pacific Forest Rally (WCRA) - held on closed forestry roads near Merritt. This will be 120 - 200 Km of stages. Also a Canadian National Rally event.

Mountain Trials Rally (WCRA) - also held on closed forestry roads near Merritt, favorite rally territory of the Thunderbird and Totem TSD rallies. Very much like a National event.

5 WCRC events are planned for BC and Alberta, Mt Trials & Pacific Forest Rally in BC and Cochrane, Rocky Mt, & Kananaskis in Alberta.
Event dates listed on Calendar.

Pacific Nortwest Stage Rally Links:
Alberta and Washington/Oregon (also Ben's Page)

Real Roads, Real Cars, Real Fast! This is Canadian Rallysport.
This is Canada's most challenging motorsport.
Originating in Europe, navigational style road rallies tested a team's endurance, timing skills, and driving ability. Over the past 30 years, rallying has continued to evolve and maintain its tradition, while moving into the high speed performance arena. Canadian rallying encompasses many levels of competition, from entry level fun navigationals to expert road rallies, from rallysprints to the high performance National Series. Rally clubs from coast to coast offer everything from leisurely drives in the country to high speed events. No matter what your budget or your level of experience, there is a rally for you. CARS at www.carsrally.ca
BC and Western Canadian Performance Rally Championship Events - WCRC
CARS (Canadian Association of Rallysport) is the National Sanctioning body for Rallysport in Canada.
Canadian Rally Championship - Final Standings
For stage coverage of the Pacific North West and the rest of North America, the best bet is Special Stage
Patrick Richard gave us this article after he got back from the 1999 Canadian RAC where he had a moment, but still could write about the experience and give helpful hints for others starting out.. Click for article
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