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Midnight Rally
A night event hosted by the Island Rallysport Club. Usually starts and ends in Nanaimo and travels the wild west coast logging roads.
Oct 22, 2007 - The Midnight Rally will not be able to be run as BC Championship event #4, due to almost complete loss of roads due to our recent torrential rains and lack of road maintenance.
Sept 10, 2006 - IRC regrets to announce that the 2006 Midnight TSD Rally (BC Regional TSD Championship event) has been cancelled. Please address all enquires to island@rallybc.com.
Sept 22. 2006 - IRC will be hosting a NOVICE TSD rally on paved surfaces on October 28. Please find supp regs for this event as follows: 2006 Midnight Novice TSD Supp Regs This event is not part of the BC TSD Championship.
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