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Cascade Cup for the Pacific Northwest Region
Cascade Autosport, in partnership with Team O’Neil, announces the Cascade Cup for the Pacific Northwest Region for the 2005 season. The Cascade Cup is offered to promote competition between all 2WD competitors and reward well prepared teams with contingency prizes and a substantial Grand Prize.
Cascade Autosport feels that in the true spirit of rally, the championship should go to the driver who demonstrates consistent speed and judgment over an entire season. They will have to be competitive in a diverse selection of events that have been chosen for their organization and reputation as “driver’s” events. Emphasis on strategy, preparation, and a consistent driving technique is the driving force behind the points system and perseverance the motivation behind the “Drivers Choice” awards. The points system will pay out to the top 6 finishers in 2WD. Scoring will be as follows:
10 pts
9 pts
8 pts
6 pts
4 pts
2 pts
This standard of scoring will be implemented on the first day of events. Points double on the second day of two day events to promote preservation of equipment and detail to pre-event preparation. This should keep competition close during the season, and provide incentive for competitors to attend every event.
The Champion of the Cascade Cup will receive airfare, hotel, and a 4-day clinic at the Team O’Neil Rally School. There will also be product awards from H&R Special Springs, Willans Harnesses, PIAA, and more based on “Driver’s Choice” for the driver who made the biggest impression at each event. This may include, but is not limited to a run-away winner, most improved driver, hardest working team, the team that overcame all the odds to finish the event, etc.
At the end of the season, the top Co-driver will receive a Co-driver’s Package, including a Fastime Copilote watch from P-Sport, and other supplies offered by Sube Sports.
The current schedule of events that will qualify for the Cascade Cup is as follows:
Doo Wops I & II March 5 & 6
Oregon Trail April 23 & 24
Mountain Trials June 17
Wild West September 10 & 11
Pacific Forest October 14 & 15
Mount Hood October 22 & 23
Cascade Autosport, and all its partners, are honored to have an opportunity to present this series championship to the hard working 2WD teams of the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to the competition that is about to unfold, and…May the Best Driver Win.
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