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Team Line-up and Profile
Team Driver/Co-Driver (in no particular order)
Team Regency Toyota Paul Westwick/Andrew Dobric
Scuderia Hysteria  Peter Hill / Barry Gurnsey
Team RMT Contracting Scott Trinder / Bob Trinder
Team A&J Racing Mark Ward/Ken Kwong
Maciej Ogrocki Maciej Ogrocki/Micheal Nicols
JK Motorsports  Janusz Komorowski/Tomasz  Karzynski
ZZ Construction  Zbigiew (Zebe)  Szewczyk/Piotr Krol
Wilspeed Racing  Martin Wilson/Bill Westhead
Team Rowdy Rally Racing Carl (Bud) Stanley/Matt Southcott
Team Richmond Toyota Christian Chia/Shim Ching
Team S.O.L.D Fred Wiedemann/Shelly Donaldson
Team Regency Toyota

Driver: Paul Westwick
CoDriver: Andrew Dobric
Vehicle: 1988 Toyota Celica AllTrac
Engine : 2000cc inline4, 16 valve, turbocharged, 190 bhp
Drivetrain: four wheel drive
Class: Production GT

Paul Westwick and Andrew Dobric have been participating together in performance rallying in western Canada and the US Northwest since 1995. Expanding from their Navigational rallying starts in 1985 and 1991, respectively, they have finished every Performance rally they started, as well as posting class wins in Novice and PGT. In 1999, Paul won the BC Navigational Rally Driver's Championship. Their car, a production GT class 1988 Toyota Celica AllTrac, is also Paul's daily commuter.

Sponsored by: Regency Toyota, Comptech Performance

Scuderia Hysteria
Team: As the team name implies – they are in this strictly for the laughs.
Driver: Peter Hill
CoDriver & Car Builder: Barry Gurnsey
Vehicle: 1973 Toyota Corolla
Engine: 1800cc inline 4, dual side draught carburetors, some power (but not much)
Drive train: rear wheel drive
Class: Group 2

 Peter has been competing in regional and national rallies for the last 30 years in cars as different as an MGB to a Mazda 323 AWD, starting in England in 1970. Best national finish in Canada: as a Driver 4th on Lobster Rally 1980; as a CoDriver 2nd on Pacific Forest Rally 1982.

 Barry has been involved in rallying as Driver, Codriver, Crew and Stage marshal since the mid '80's. His high standards of preparation give the car the reliability it needs to overcome its age and technical shortcomings compared to most of the competition.

Sponsored by: Tirecraft

Team RMT Contracting
Driver: Scott Trinder
CoDriver : Bob Trinder
Vehicle: 1988 Toyota Celica AllTrac
Engine: 2000cc inline4, 16 valve, turbocharged, 190 bhp
Drivetrain: four wheel drive
Class: Open

 Father and son team, Bob and Scott have competed together and with other partners in numerous events throughout western Canada and Northwest US, in addition to marathon events such as the 1997 Panama-Alaska rally, in which they won their class and finished 6th overall. The team took the overall victory in Edge of the Rock, in Nanaimo, July 2000.

Sponsored by : Richmond Toyota, Autoparts Plus, Bridgestone Tires, RMT Contracting

Team A&J Racing
Driver: Mark Ward
CoDriver: Ken Kwong
Vehicle: 1972 Datsun 510
Engine: 2000cc inline4, fuel injected, 96 bhp
Drivetrain: rear wheel drive
Class: Group 2

 Mark Ward has run Navigational rallies since 1990 and has several wins to his name. In the last two years, Mark has been racing GoKarts with the A&J Racing Team, winning nearly all of the races he entered.

Ken started co-driving Performance rallies this year and has pursued the sport with enthusiasm and confidence.  Ken concurrently competes as driver for navigational rallies and co-driver for performance rallies.  In the past, Ken competed in navigational rallies, such as the Thunderbird Rally held each year in early February.

The car is a red 1972 Datsun 510 2door. It is equipped with a fuel injected 2.0L engine with performance exhaust and air intake system. The car uses Toyo Observe tires available at OK Tire Stores. The Datsun/Nissan marque has a long history of winning car rallies, including the East African Safari Rally.

Sponsored by : A&J Racing, Toyo Tires, OK Tire Store, Civic Tool & Die

DriverMaciej Ogrocki
CoDriver: Michael Nicols
Vehicle: 1989 Honda Civic Si
Engine : 1800cc inline4, fuel injected, 90 bhp
Drivetrain: front wheel drive
Class: Group 2

This little, reliable 1989 Honda Civic was built from scratch and is a great part of the team. Maciej, from Edmonton, has been rallying with Michael, from Calgary, since 1998. Last season, the team finished all eight regional events they entered and always in one of the top four positions. Also in 1999 they finished 2nd overall in the Novice class of the Western Canadian Rally Championship.

Sponsored by:

Team JK Motorsports
Driver: Janusz Komorowski Jr.
CoDriver : Tomasz Karzynski
Vehicle : 1988 Mazda 323 GTX
Engine: 1600cc inline4, 16valve, Turbocharged, 150 bhp
Drivetrain: four wheel drive
Class: Production GT

 Janusz began his rally career in 1998 competing in Navigational events. He enjoyed much success, including one victory. He moved into the Performance rally area in 1999 and, by the end of his first season, had scored topthree finishes in his class in the Western Canadian Rally Championship. So far 2000 has been good to Janusz, with an outright victory in the Calgary Winter Rally and Mountain Trials Rally plus two consecutive 2nd place finishes at the Big Horn and Rocky Mountain rallies.

 Tomasz began rallying in 1975. He won the Polish Rally Championship in 1986 as a codriver, and again in 1988 as a driver in Group N01. He has also contested the European Rally Championship three times. Tomasz started rallying in Canada in 1992, winning 2nd in class nationally, and 1st in class in the Western Canadian Rally Championship. In 1998, he was the National Novice Champion with 4 national starts and 4 Novice wins to his credit.

Sponsored by: Sum Canada Enterprises LTD, TSI Insulation LTD, Traditional Hardwood Floors, and Grafix in Motion

Team ZZ Construction
Driver: Zbigniew Szewczyk
CoDriver: Piotr Krol
Vehicle: 1988 Toyota Celica AllTrac
Engine : 2000cc inline4, 16 valve, turbocharged, 190 bhp
Drivetrain: four wheel drive
Class: Production GT

2000 Results:
4th in class, 6th overall at the regional Big Horn Rally, Edson Alberta
4th in class, 9th overall at the regional Rocky Mountain Rally, Calgary Alberta
3rd in class, 6th overall at the Mountain Trials Rally, Cache Creek BC
3rd in class, 5th overall at the Edge of the Rock Rally, Nanaimo BC

Sponsored by : Minute Muffler & Brake (Foothills Crossing), ZZ Construction LTD.

Team Wilspeed Racing
Driver: Martin Wilson
CoDriver : Bill Westhead
Vehicle: 1980 Toyota Corolla
Engine: 2000cc inline4, 16 valve, fuel injected, 240 bhp
Drivetrain: rear wheel drive
Class: Group 2

 Martin Wilson has been rallying since 1980 and has several class wins to his credit, among them the 1992 AlaskaRendezvous and twice at the Thunderbird Rally, including the 2000 event. This is Martin's first year driving this very special rally car, an exCanadian National Championship winning 1980 Toyota Corolla, previously driven by 5time Canadian champion: Taisto Heinonen.

Bill Westhead only just started codriving in Performance rallies this year, yet already has siz finishes and one topten national result to his credit. Prior to this year, Bill had competed in numerous Navigational rallies in BC and the US Northwest. In 1998, he was the WCRA Novice Driver's Champion and, earlier this year, he and Martin won their class in the Thunderbird Rally.

Martin and Bill took first novice and 2nd in Group 2 at the Mountain Trials rally this year.

 Sponsored by: Martin's Forklift Service, Wilkinson's Automobilia, NGK Spark Plugs

Team Rowdy Rally Racing
Driver: Bud Stanley
CoDriver : Matt Southcott
Vehicle: 1986 Toyota MR2
Engine: 1600cc inline4, 16v, fuel injected, 119 bhp
Drivetrain: rear wheel drive
Class : Production Sport

 This is Bud's first year in Performance rallying. Last year he competed in several Navigational rallies, where his best finish was 2nd at the Midnight Rally. The Rowdy Rally Racing car is also his daily driver with 365 000km on the clock. In the future he hopes, with the help of sponsors, to regularly compete in the Subaru Canadian Rally Championship.

Bud has also competed professionally in Europe in hockey and snowboarding. He hopes to carry on this tradition of highlevel competition into motorsports.

Sponsored by : Rev Snowboards, TRD, Regency Toyota and G.I.B. motors.

Team Richmond Toyota
Driver: Christian Chia
CoDriver : Carol Chia
Vehicle: 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS
Engine: 1600cc inline4, 16 valve, fuel injected, 120 bhp
Drivetrain: rear wheel drive
Class : Production Sport

 Christian has been rallying since 1995 and was hooked on the sport after he entered a Lancia Delta Evoluzione in the 1995 FIA Rally of Indonesia. In the years that followed, Christian was also active in track racing, completing the Ericsson China Challenge in a Subaru Impreza Turbo.

 Christian is the President of one of Vancouver's largest automobile dealership groups. His dealerships include Western Canada's largest Toyota and Lexus stores (Richmond Toyota and Richmond Lexus), as well as Middlegate Honda in Burnaby and Barnet Toyota in Port Moody.

Christian's wife Carol, is a novice in the sport, having completed several Navigational rally events in BC. She continues to pursue the sport with enthusiasm.

Sponsored by: Richmond Toyota

Team S.O.L.D.
Driver: Fred Wiedemann
CoDriver : Shelly Donaldson
Vehicle: 1989 Suzuki Swift gti
Engine: 1300cc inline4, 16 valve, fuel injected, 131 bhp
Drivetrain: front wheel drive
Class : Production 1750

 Fred and Shelley began entering navigational rallies in 1999, winning the WCRA Novice Championship, and have now caught the performance rally bug.  The car has been a working project since June, and the Pacific Forest Rally will be its maiden voyage.  Fred and Shelly are also active participants in the organization of the sport, having volunteered at Mountain Trials, and organized the Gold Digger navigational rally.

Sponsored by: Orgar Motorsports and Hawk Wildlife Control

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