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Sept 23, 2000
Pacific Forest Rally
September 23, 2000
Cache Creek, BC
Western Canadian Rally Championship
West Coast Rally Association was pleased to invite you to the rebirth of the Pacific Forest Rally, held in the Arrowstone Hills, east of Cache Creek, September 23, 2000. 140 Km of challenging stages, in a compact 1 day format.
Round 6 of 2000 Western Canadian Rally Championship


CACHE CREEK, BC - The team of Zbigniew Szewczyk and Piotr Krol, of Calgary Alberta, celebrated their first ever overall victory in a performance rally, at the Nokian Tyres Pacific Forest Rally, in the Arrowstone hills, east of Cache Creek last Saturday.

Despite some mechanical problems, including substantial oil consumption and losing turbo boost, Szewczyk kept his Toyota Celica All-Trac going right to the end of the challenging course. Championship leaders Komorowski and Karzynski led the rally for the first two stages, but slid off the road in the third stage, flattening a tire and losing valuable time.  Ignition problems with their Mazda 323 GTX eventually forced them to retire at the second service break.

Faulty ignition would plague two other teams: Peter Hill and Barry Gurnsey lost 10 minutes in the first stage, but managed to make a road-side repair.  The Toyota Celica All-Trac of Paul Westwick and Andrew Dobric suffered deteriorating ignition throughout the day, but still managed to limp to the finish. 

With all of the mechanical problems of the complex four wheel drive turbo cars, the simpler two wheel drive cars pushed well up the leaderboard.  Martin Wilson and Bill Westhead, of Vancouver BC, set the fastest times on four of the last five stages, to bring their 1980 Canadian Championship winning Toyota Corolla in to a  commanding second place, only 36 seconds out of first place. 

This sort of event wouldn't be possible without the support of its corporate sponsors, Nokian Tyres, Specialty Subaru and Wilkinson's Automobilia. All of the teams, officials, volunteers and out-of-town spectators appreciated the warm welcome in Cache Creek, especially from the Desert Motel and the Wander Inn.

Next, the Western Canadian Rally Championship concludes with the Kananaskis Rally, November 25, based in Bragg Creek, Alberta.

Results of the 2000 Pacific Forest Rally

Presented by:

Nokian Tyres  http://www.nokiantyres.com
Specialty Subaru  http://www.specialty.subarudealer.ca/
Wilkinson's Automobilia  http://www.wilkinsonsauto.com

Round 6 of the Western Canadian Rally Championship
Driver Co-Driver Hometowns Vehicle
Zbigniew Szewczyk Piotr Krol Calgary AB Toyota Celica AllTrac
Martin Wilson Bill Westhead Vancouver BC Toyota Corolla
Mark Ward Ken Kwong Delta BC Datsun PL510
Paul Westwick Andrew Dobric Vancouver
North Van
Toyota Celica AllTrac
Maciej Ogrocki Mike Nicols Calgary AB Honda Civic
Fred Wiedemann Shelley Donaldson Surrey BC Suzuki Swift
Peter Hill Barry Gurnsey Calgary AB Toyota Corolla
Christian Chia Shim Ching Vancouver BC Toyota Corolla GTS
Janusz Komorowski Tomasz Karzynski Calgary AB Mazda 323 GTX
Piotr Kadlubowski Penny Zuk Calgary AB Eagle Talon TSi
Bud Stanley Matt Southcott Maple Ridge
Port Coquitlam
Toyota MR2
Overall Drivers' Championship Positions:
Janusz Komorowski:
111 points
Zbigniew Szewczyk:
88 points
Paul Westwick:
78 points
Maciej Ogrocki:
75 points
For more information
Bill Westhead 604.707.3305
Paul Westwick 604.682.3296
Rally Pacific Motorsports  http://www.rallybc.com
Event Comment   *   Pacific Forest Rally 2000   *
 - The western Canadians put together a nifty stage rally outside Cache Creek on September 23. By setting controls along a mainline haul road and at the end of spurs, various combinations of roads composed the 15 stages. 
The Route Book read more like pace notes than what we're familiar with, and there was a minimum of arrows and staking. Certainly no numbers on stakes corresponding to the Route Instruction number. A lot less work to set up. It was a unique set up, and worked very well for the 11 car field.
 - Two "classes" were held in Vancouver prior to the rally, so the newly minted workers really knew how to go about it. The methods were just different enough to be educational.  John Nispel, Mark Nolte,  Joel Wright, and Mark Wilkie trekked up as volunteer workers.  Good time was had by all.
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