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May 5, 2000
Nokian Tyres joins
BC Rally Championship
as Contingency Sponsor

VANCOUVER, BC - Nokian Tyres Inc. and the West Coast Rally Association are pleased to announce the 2000 Nokian Tyres Contingency Awards Program. Effective immediately, eligible competitors in upcoming BC Rally Championship events can win tires or discounts from Nokian Tyres.

Based in Finland, Nokian Tyres is well-known to rallyists in BC as a provider of high quality passenger car and light truck tires. In fact, the Hakkapeliitta has been the tire of choice for top-level competitors in BC Rally Championship events for many years.

 In partnering with this world-class tire manufacturer, BC rallyists have gained the support of one of their favourite automotive suppliers. "I believe that if a tire can handle the demands of rallying, it can surely provide superior performance and value to the average motorist" said WCRA President, Martin Wilson. "I've used Nokian Hakkapeliitta's on several cars and have had much success with them over the years."

 The Nokian Tyres Contingency Awards Program is designed to reward successful rally competitors with prizes of these coveted tires. There are built-in incentives for competitors to attend multiple events in the BC Rally Championship, but in the end it will be the challenge of rallying that settles who gets to drive home with a new tire(s).

For information on Nokian Tyres, go to: www.nokiantyres.com

For more information on the contingency program, please contact:

Martin Wilson, President
West Coast Rally Association
ph: 604.683.6517
e-mail: martin@rallybc.com

 Nokian Tyres Contingency Awards Program for 2000

Eligible entries:

  • any competitor carrying suitable Nokian Tyres decals, one on each side of the car
  • decals will be provided by event organizers or can be obtained by contacting Martin Wilson at 604.683.6517, <martin@rallybc.com>.
Eligible events:
  • BC Regional Performance Rally Championship Events
  • BC Regional TSD Rally Championship Events
Eligible classes:
  • Performance Rally: Open, Group2, Production GT, Production Sport, or Production 1750 as defined in the CARS General Competition Rules and Regulations
  • TSD Rally: Unlimited, Calculator, Paper, Historic or Novice as defined in the BC Region TSD Rules
Awards - Per event:
  • 1st Overall     2 Nokian tires
  • 1st in other    Classes 1 Nokian tire
  • 2nd in Class  Coupon worth 50% towards the purchase of one Nokian tire
Period: - 2000 Season

Registration: - administered by the organizers of each event

Claims: - contact WCRA

2000 BC Regional Performance Rally Championship

June 24th
Cache Creek
July 14-15th
September 23
Cache Creek
2000 BC Regional TSD Rally Championship
February 5-6
Cache Creek/Williams Lake
July 9
September 30 - 01
October 28 - 29
Event was canceled by IRC
November 11 - 12

Nokian Tyres: World class tires built to exceed your expectations in control, safety and driving performance in all weather conditions.

  Nokian Contigency Awards

Driver / Owner Mt     Trials Gold Digger Edge Rock Pacific Forest Mid - night Coast 2 Coast Totem Total   tires
Janusz Komorowski 1 OV   1 PG     Event Canceled   3.0
Peter Hill 1 G2           1.0
Paul Westwick 2 PG     2 PG       1.0
Martin Wilson 2 G2     1 G2       1.5
Dennis Wende   1 OV           2.0
Budd Stanley   2 U           0.5
Peter Ryce   1 N           1.0
Ken Kwong   2 N     1 N     1.5
Zbigniew Szewczyk     2 PG 1 OV       2.5
Ted Wilkinson     1 G2         1.0
Maciej Ogrocki     2 G2         0.5
Mark Ward       2 G2       0.5
Jim Martin         1 OV     2.0
Scott Elliott         2 N     0.5
Glenn Wallace             1 OV 2.0
R Dale Kraushaar             2 U 0.5
Josh Keatley             1 N 1.0
Steve Brown             1 C 1.0
Ron Sorem             1 P 1.0
Clifton Louie             2 N 0.5
Fred Wiedemann             2 C 0.5
Mark Tabor             2 P 0.5
TSD Events Performance Events
OV  overall P paper OV overall PS production Sport
C calculator N novice OP open G2 group 2
H historic U unlimited PG production GT P7 production 1750
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