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Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
Island Rallysport Club, Duncan BC
October 10, 2000

Disaster Strikes - Kills Coast To Coast Rally

A spectacular fireball is all that remains of the Coast To Coast Rally 2000 after Glyn Trafford, Rally Director for the Island Rallysport Club, pulled the plug on it today.

"We have been dealt a virtual death blow by the complete lockdown of logging company holdings leading out of the Victoria area. The Fire Hazard Closure, announced as the reason for the postponement of this rally earlier in the year, has been changed to an indeterminate closure to all users into the foreseeable future."

"It seems that vandalism, garbage dumping, and dangerous partying has prompted this complete closure of the area from Victoria to Port Renfrew to Shawnigan Lake. Since the rally starts in Victoria and returns there, this is a complete disaster for the organizers."

  "The Island Rallysport Club has been plagued by problems this year. Earlier we had to postpone C2C and move Midnight. This required a change of organizers for Midnight. Although Midnight was run this last weekend, that bridge being out was only the second problem for this traditionally well received event. The shortage of the 'normal' complement of competitors from the Vancouver area, coming after the financial loss because of low entry levels in Edge of the Rock 2000, has given us major concerns.

With C2C we are now stuck having to transit every competitor from the start point to the overnight location before we can even start rallying. This is simply unacceptable. It requires an almost complete overhaul of the whole rally route, finding additional roads to cover for the lost regularities, and making new arrangements for accommodation in another town, meals, etc.  The time available is not really sufficient for an experienced rally organizer much less one whose first event was run only a few days ago."

 "The fact that we only have one early registration in hand, but would have even greater costs hit us due to the extra scouting and rework now required , does not justify the extraordinary lengths to which our members would need to go to pull off C2C for the scheduled date later this month."

 "As rally director for the club I have to pull the plug. All of us in IRC, want to thank those of you who have expressed interest in C2C, and we sincerely apologize for this cancellation. We know it is totally disruptive to everyone's schedule, and a great disappointment, but postponing C2C once again would be irresponsible on our part. The hurdles we have faced each time we have tried to put on C2C this year may be a message we should finally heed and put C2C 2000 to rest."

Glyn Trafford
Rally Director
Island Rallysport Club

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