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Mountain Trials Rally
June 17/18, 2005
Merritt, BC
Round 3 of the
Western Canadian Rally Championship
Round 3 of the Cascade Cup

Organized by the
West Coast Rally Association
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2005 Revised Entry Form
Event Releases - PreEvent & PostEvent
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Thank you to Active Mountain Resorts - developers for the raceway and resort project in Merritt - for their support and participation in our event.
The rally will be held under the Rally General Competition Rules of the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS), and the current CARS Rally Regulations. These publications are available from the CARS BC Rally Director, Paul Westwick, and will be available for scrutiny at registration.

High Res version
Drift Master Corner - 750 & 2880

Spectator Area - "Drift Master's Corner"
Spectator Area - Aerial
Title of the Event
The name of the rally is “Mountain Trials Rally”.
This event is sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS),
and is part of the Western Canadian Rally Championship, and the Cascade Cup for 2wd cars.
The Cascade Cup is offered to promote competition between all 2WD competitors and rewards well prepared teams with contingency prizes and a substantial Grand Prize. Your entry in Mt Trials Rally automatically enters you in the Cascade Cup if you are a 2WD competitor and have registered for the Cascade Cup. Check Cascade web site for details.
Organizing Committee:
Organizing Club:
West Coast Rally Association
2065 Alpine Court
Coquitlam, BC V3J 2K7
Paul Westwick
Clerk of the Course:
Paul Westwick
Senior Steward:
Dave Sharp
Promotions and Community Liaison:
Ken Kwong

Martin Wilson
Registrar (mail entries here):
Dennis Wende
2065 Alpine Court
Coquitlam, BC V3J 2K7
Dennis Wende
Eric Wold
Volunteer Coordinator:
Doug Tewnion 604.817.3773

Publicity Chairperson:
Bill Westhead

Documents & CARS event entry permit

Please note: See CARS NPR I B for the list of documents that must be presented at registration. Note: for US Competitors: Residents of the USA who do not hold a CARS licence may compete with a Rally America (RA) regional license or higher, or NASA regional license or higher, subject to the note below. US competitors are encouraged to ensure they have personal medical insurance coverage for themselves and their crew before entering Canada. (Note: RA and NASA licensed competitors must register with CARS and complete the CARS event entry permit form available on the CARS web site: www.carsrally.ca under 'downloads'. The form and annual fee of $50 cdn should be sent to CARS, but may be relayed to CARS through the event registrar.)

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