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Mountain Trials Rally
October 18, 2003
Merritt, BC

Round 5 of the
Western Canadian Rally Championship
Organized by the
West Coast Rally Association
Detailed Results

2003 Mountain Trials Photos
Videos by Marion Lang
Car 00 Peter
1.5 mb avi
Car 01a Scott
1.2 mb avi
Car 01b Scott
1.5 mb avi
Car 02a Ross
1.2 mb avi
Car 02b Ross
1.8 mb avi
Car 04 Maciej
1.6 mb avi
Car 05 Martin
1.4 mb avi
Car 06 Tom
2.3 mb avi
Car 10 Derek
1.6 mb avi
Car 11a Joe
1.6 mb avi
Car 11b Joe
1.5 mb avi
Car 12 Andrew
1.3 mb avi
Car 13 Tony
3.2 mb avi
Car 15 Norm
1.8 mb avi
Car 16 Chad
3.1 mb avi
Car 17 Derik
3.8 mb avi
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