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Update Bulletin #1:
All Competitors (entered and pending) should submit a team profile and pics of team and car to ken@rallybc.com before Sept 24 to be included onto the Spectator Guide.   This date is not flexible. Example of team profile format can be found at: http://www.rallybc.com/archives/2000/2kpfr_team_profiles.html
Update Bulletin #2:
  (the tech inspection location) will be offering tire mounting service all day Oct 5 from 8:30am until 5:00pm.  They are charging CAN$9.00 cash only per tire - RE&RE no balancing.  They are located at 2649 Granite Avenue, Merritt, BC.  Tel: 250-378-2442. Please show event wrist band to redeem.  For tire mounting service on Friday Oct 4, please arrive before 5pm.
Update Bulletin #3:
Service Area will be located at the Railyard Mall in downtown Merritt.  This will be the ONLY service location.  Please do not bring your trailer - there is no room.  Please leave trailers at Hotel.  There is a separate fueling zone - please ensure your jerry cans are full before you arrive at service.  Gas stations at located at the main intersection into downtown merritt.  Maps will be provided at registration.  Service will be on a level tarmac parking lot.  Please bring a tarp and absorb-all (kitty litter) for spills.  Both items are available for purchase at Lordco (note bulletin #4).  There is only enough room for one service vehicle per competitor vehicle. If you have more than one service vehicle for your rally car, please make special arrangements at registration - additional space is not guarenteed.  For additional vehicles driven by your entourage, please have them park on the streets surrounding the mall.  We will be occupying about half of the parking lot and we must leave parking space for the mall customers.  Please be considerate - using this central location is a sponsored priviledge for our event.
Update Bulletin #4:
At the Railyard Mall, please note the following:

1) Lordco Auto Parts is located next to the service area and can supply your basic auto parts requirements.  Lordco is approximately equivilant of a Pep Boys in the US.  Lordco will be offering an In-store special on select products all day Oct 5th to support this event. (tel: 250-378-9004)

2) Radio Shack is located next to the service area.  They will be offering a 10% off in-store merchandise on Oct 5. All your batteries, intercom and electronic needs are available. This special promotion is valid for Event participants and volunteers only.  Please present wrist band to redeem this special. (tel: 250-378-2151).

3) Mandolin's Coffee and Bagel Shop is located next to the service area.  They will be offering free bottomless coffee all day on Oct 5. This special promotion is valid for Event participants and volunteers only.  Please present wrist band to redeem this special.
Update Bulletin #5:
Middlesboro Pub
is offering Mountain Trials Rally Dinner and/or Drink specials on Oct 4 - Friday Evening.  This is the (un) official social gathering site for participant and volunteers.  They are located directly off of exit 290 on Hwy 5.  They have a big "PUB" lighted sign on the roof of their restaurant which you can see from the highway exit. They are located about 10 minute walk from Rally HQ at Best Western.  About 15 minutes walk from Days Inn and 7 minutes walk from Coquihalla Inn.  Please don't drink and drive.  3701 Voght St. Merritt, BC 250-315-1022
Update Bulletin:#6:
For families oriented accomodations, please note that Coquihalla Inn has a Waterslide and Pool.  They can be contacted at 1 800 353 3571 for reservations - quote mtn trials rally.
Update Bulletin #7:
Merritt Auto Parts and Wrecking
can provide inventory of spare parts.  Selection and availability is not guarenteed.  Please contact Rob at 250-378-4821 to enquire.
Update Bulletin # 8
Map of Service area - use this to find your assigned service area. Large size 352 Kb and small size 87 Kb
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